File History Restoring Multiple Copies

I just purchased a new PC and have a problem with File History restoring multiple copies of files. I am using the same external hard drive I used with my old computer. I copied the files I needed from File History back to the hard drive of my new computer. I then turned file history on to have a backup with my new computer. I turned File History on and let it run overnight. In the morning I went to check on its progress and I had 3 copies (Copy, Copy(2), and Copy(3)) of my desktop files on the desktop. When I tried to delete them I got an error message that they could not be moved into the recycle bin because the disk was full. When I went to bed I was using about 200GB on my 1TB internal drive. When I checked it in the morning I had 0Bytes free. I never told File History to restore any files, but it had restored multiple copies of my old computer files and filled the hard disk to capacity. Once I realized what the problem was I turned File History off and deleted the copies. I turned File History back on. After a short time it started restoring multiple copies of my files again. I currently have File History turned off and I am using Memeo for my backups. I would prefer to use File History since it creates Restore Points along with backing up files. Any ideas on how to fix File History will be greatly appreciated.

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