File no longer exists on desktop but shows up in *.* (Won't delete)


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Hi. when I run a *.* on my User folder I get a file on my desktop that wont delete. It does not show up in the actual desktop while in explorer. It shows up when I run a *.* or any text in the file name.

When I try to delete the file I get a "Could not find this item."

What does this mean? is this bad? how can i fix this?

Thank you.

Bloomfield i7.
Kingston 240gb ssdNow single partition C Drive.
Windows 7 64bit (should be decently updated).


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It may be that the file has been deleted but the icon for it remains in the cache kept to speed up file searches. Try clearing this cache - First ensure that system files are set as visible (control panel, folder options, view, check the option to show hidden files, uncheck the option to hide op sys files). Then go to control panel, users, <your username>, appdata, local and delete the file iconCache.db. Reboot.

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