Windows 8 File permission problems

Kerrie Bantoft

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Purchased new laptop win 8 installed.. went though the normal install stuff.. named computer etc.. did windows updates.. installed my programs.. usual stuff.. I am a digital designer and make own jpgs, pngs etc. My problem is when I go to access some of these files it wont let me change them saying I dont have permission. I have gone in an changed permission on some individual files but I have thousands and cannot do them individually.
It seems to be an admin permission error.
Under User accounts
When I start up my computer it shows me as user MandogScraps and says I am Local Account and Administrator... but I still have problems changing some docs or even uploading to my facebook acct.. whether they on my c: drive or external hard drive.. I never had this problem on other computer under win7
Can anyone please help


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Have you turned off the UAC?

I'm guessing that most of the people here have it turned off, if for no other reason then to get rid of all the annoying messages.

There isn't really a lot of risk if you are the only person using your computer.

You will find that Windows gets a lot more trusting with it off.

It was driving me crazy when I first installed Windows 8.
Now I'm using my regular Administrator Account and it leaves me alone. LOL


Ps. you should also be able to change the attributes of all the files in a folder from the folder properties.
Uncheck read only etc, for all files in the folder.
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