Files missing on External HDD after using windows backup ( but there invisble?)

Hey, so i used windows back up last night and came down in the morning to see that a file on my computer, which was labeled the same as the back up, is missing,

although should i use the search function, i can still run them, such as SC2 which was on there as well as alot of other important stuff?

what shall i do thanks for the help!


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Was the missing file on the same drive that you were backing up to?
Are you sure you didn't overwrite the files?

Are you saying that you can run Starcraft II but you can't find the files on your hard drive?
And that if you run a search for the missing files that they show up in Windows search window?

If you can find the .exe file for Starcraft using search, right click on it and select properties and look at the Location.

This will show you the address of the file.

I.e. "C:\Program File (x86)\Starcraft\Starcraft.exe", then go and look at that exact location and let us know if you see the files there or not.


So got it working, basically when you said to look for the file path it gave me and idea, as when i opened the file location on any of the things i serched it wouldnt let me back track to see the wholoe folder, i went into curse addons for my old wow account and that gave me the file path back, its the weridest thing ever, the backup seemed to have backup my comp and then put that backup in a folder with my old folder which went missing, strange huh anyway thanks for your help!

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