Windows Vista Finally installed Vista - LOVE IT!


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Feb 6, 2008
[size=large]My Experience[/size]

Well, I probably would of never done this without all the screen shots I've seen lately of peoples desktops... Never ending Vista orbs orgy.
Yes I admit defeat, I have moved to Vista and I am settling in quite well actually. With the help of some websites and this forum I have tweaked most things to run to my needs, and I've disabled ClearType - what a bunch of crap.
My plan was to have a dual boot with XP but that failed because of some BOOTMGR rubbish, and luckily I fixed it with some handy command prompt knowledge and the help of the internet. But I can't boot into XP, which is actually quite a good thing, it forces me to use Vista.
  • Drivers. My experience so far has been fine. Even Vista installed quite a lot of drivers for me which is excellent, since I was expecting to download them all when I installed Vista. Graphics drivers have been fine, I was expecting problems with 64bit but I think manufacturers have realized that it's still important, and people still use it.
  • 64bit? Well this is my first time actually - using the x64 architecture on any OS. And it's been excellent so far - I've never used the x64 architecture ever, and I also haven't had any compatibility issues so far.
  • Speed and performance? I installed 4GB G.Skill PC2-8000 C5 RAM so I guess that made a huge difference. I haven't noticed any sort of disruptions or lag or whatever, which I was expecting. But I guess a Q6600 pulls it off quite easily.
  • User Account Control, I removed all that rubbish - it's not needed. And it definitely wastes your time clicking the mouse...
  • Vista Ultimate, WOW! It has so much control over the OS, I feel like I am a real administrator, in XP I just feel like a nub with a guest account.
  • Eye Candy, what do you expect, Microsoft have really pulled it off this time. It's all easy on the eye, and one of my favourite things about Vista are the wallpapers... Wow, they make me droooooool.
    I disabled transparency since I don't really think I have a use for it, it doesn't really make the experience feel any more relaxed.
  • ClearType? What the hell is that crap. I've never read a book that has blurred text. Even without it, Vista still has some nice font smoothing.
  • My favourite thing about Vista is all the features and all the things you can change, I mean, I've tweaked a lot to my liking -it really has made my experience a lot better, a lot! In fact, I recommend the forum to have a tutorials section or something - it really helps.

Ever since BETA testing the releases on MSDN ages ago, Vista has been a long ride and I hope my experience gets better and better. I love it.
That's the end of this long post, I didn't really intend for it to be this long, but I love Vista so much at the moment. I want to write about it all the time.

Temur :) I will post this on Link Removed - Invalid URL later ;)
IMO, Cleartype is a must, and most of the stuff you like in Vista can be easily gotten on XP, but that's good you've found something you like. Just wondering, what made you install the x64 edition?
I have a 64bit capable processor and I wanted to get 4GB RAM for Vista since it is a must for me.
Well almost all processors are all in 64-bit, like AMD64 X2 and Intel Core Duo... ;)
You did a very good specifications; 4GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (WOW! that was fast!) that will give you much faster Vista experience, and btw you using 64bit architecture OS, I think it's much faster than 32bit architecture OS! Your Vista should really run fine on that specs! BTW 64bit OS can handle memory up to 128GB of RAM while 34bit says that can handle only 4GB of RAM so 64bit OS will replace 32bit OS in near future, maybe Win7 probably will be 64bit only :p
32bit can only handle really 3GB RAM + depending on your graphics card RAM. Windows 7 won't be 64bit only as they can release 32bit as well, and besides, when is Windows 7 releasing! Heck, in a couple years people will be laughing at quad core processors.
True, I think by the time 7 is out we'll be using light-connected processors.
But yeah, 64 bit is alright, but you're more likely to run into problems with it.
Mhmmm not so far, why do you say so?
Only problem I have run into is some older programs not working with it [which don't actually work with Windows Vista, not actually 64bit]
Well, driver issues, hardware issues, random bugs, etc. It's not very widely used, so there's less likely a chance that people will find, and report them.
Lol not really.
There are drivers for all of the releases, nvidia always release 64bit drivers.
And I've got hold of the 174.70's.
And besides, 64bit drivers for what? Drivers can run fine on 32bit and 64bit architecture.
Yeah...latest hardwares today can run on both 32bit & 64bit architecture.
About softwares, most latest softwares can run on 64bit, but not yet all of them, but most that can't run on 64bit architecture are old softwares, drivers and can't even run probably on Vista, especially 64bit version.
temur said:
Lol not really.
There are drivers for all of the releases, nvidia always release 64bit drivers.
And I've got hold of the 174.70's.
And besides, 64bit drivers for what? Drivers can run fine on 32bit and 64bit architecture.

If you're saying 32 bit drivers can run in 64 bit windows, you're dead wrong. If you have a webcam (Other than Ms and Logitech), or any 3rd party hardware, good luck on getting drivers. Also, things like ConvertXtoDVD, which uses pattincouffin.sys drivers, will not work. Anything that installs virtual drivers will not work, and anything that has a 16 bit subset will not work.

And yes, there are drivers for the main things, but they're about 10x as buggy as the 32 bit versions.
As far as I know, you can emulate 32bit applications in Windows Vista x64, but not drivers. Though I suppose some XP x64 drivers might work under Vista x64, so you might want to check that as well.
Yeah I am probably wrong on the bit about 32bit drivers working on 64bit.
But there are drivers out for 64bit and they're not buggy, all drivers I have work flawlessly, and vista even installed drivers for networking and other bits n bobs easily. Only ones I needed to install myself was graphics. and nvidia have stepped up there releases, 174.70s out and it works just fine. I think they are waking up now.
Well, I've seen quite a few horror stories on YouTube about nvidia + vista problems.

Anyway, I should be getting 64bit soon, if I get my HP dv6700 laptop, so hope it goes smoothly for me as well. :)
Meh. I think all the problems are solved. It should go smoothly for you, but I don't know if you'll benefit with 64bit on your laptop though. If I were you I'd go for 32bit.
I here a bunch of bs about how 64 bit has problems. Well I have been using it about a year and a half with not one problem. I do everything I want. Use all sorts of software. Whoever says different has no idea what they are talking about. I love people who try and pawn themselves off as experts. blah blah blah
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