Finger print reader setup opens page ?


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Old Dell M1530, fresh install of windows 7.
has a fingerprint reader but using Dell fingerprint software= not finger print reader installed.
windows reporting that AuthentTec is present device manger it shows driver is up to date and is working fine.

uninstalled dell software.

Control panel/Bometric Devices/use you finger print scanner with windows:
opens web page:
it initially opens (http:// Download File page and then changes to (https:// Download File
where it wants me to download an .exe called

Clicking download opens an "antibot" dialoge box that seems to be spam based:
close up of URL:

What the heck is happening?

How do i get this fingerprint reader to work, but why is this thing opening pages like this? again, fresh install, and i have run TRON just for fun( new to it and wanted to try it)


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I used to own the good old Dell XPS M1330. It looks like your 1530 is a similar variant of this great old laptop.

I did somewhat of a deep dive into one of the links that you described. First of all, I traced this domain to operating out of India, and using, found it to be registered to a "BUILDMEDIA LLC", claiming to be operating out of Paris, France. Although most of the information on the domain, "" (do not go here), was redacted, the domain was first registered in 2017. This website seems to be a scam site for surveys and harvesting data. I do not recommend downloading or running anything from this website. You should get any fingerprint drivers from: Support | Dell US.

More specifically at...

Look for the UPEK TouchStrip Reader Driver and UPEK TouchStrip Reader downloads

Because you are accessing this fake website from a link buried WITHIN WINDOWS, it is very likely that your computer is infected with malware or a virus.

You should go consider downloading ESET NOD32, Malwarebytes, and Spybot Search & Destroy to eliminate any threats on your system. If some specialized malware/virus still exists on the system, it would be possible to eliminate it with further specialized software once the type of threat is identified. You should take this threat seriously even if its on an old system. Do not put anything important on this system until that type of annoyance is irradicated.

Also I hope that you can make use of the real drivers.


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Thank you i will certainly do a complete scan. This is odd because this is a new fresh install of W732 bit, not sure how it would have or could have gotten infected, can it somehow be left from the previous install?
As i recall i just reinstalled on the old partition, i am wondering if i should go through and entire reinstall and fresh format.
In regard to the infection, is there a thread or FAQ here on programs and process to use with best results?

Interestingly, there are no windows 7 drivers on the dell site for this unit, so it may just be a case of going withough the fingerprint reader...