Windows 7 fixes for driver problems on lenovo machines


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May 11, 2009
After installing the windows 7 RC, the keyboard, trackpoint, and wireless were not working on my Lenovo X60 tablet (external devices would work, but I could not even turn the wireless device on). This is apparently a problem with many lenovo machines discussed on this forum, and I thought I'd summarize here. What worked for me:

--open device manager
--select the mouse or keyboard device and open properties
--click "update drivers"
--search for drivers on your machine in C:\ and check "include sub-folders"

The app should find the drivers and may prompt you to restart.

For the wireless driver, I needed to use a second computer to download the correct driver directly from the manufacturer (Intel, in my case), put it on a flash drive, then install it on the X60 tablet. The install did not work correctly at first, but I was prompted to try again using the correct settings, which worked. Now, everything appears to be working smoothly.

I have a Thinkpad T60P with Windows 7 RC, and couldn't get the Trackpoint to work. The option to "include sub-folders" was already checked, and directing it to the folder with the Trackpoint driver still yielded a message that the best driver was already installed.

I had to choose the "Browse for driver software on your computer" option before I could get the driver to install.
You're quite right. My instruction "search for drivers on your machine" should have used the exact text "browse for driver software on your computer". Thanks. :)

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