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I'm trying to share a Windows 7 folder with a Windows 10 computer. I do NOT want to have identical user accounts on each machine. The objective is to share the folder, which I have done many times. Here are as many details as may be relevant:

  1. Password file sharing is turned off on both computers.
  2. The folder on the W7 machine is shared in the Sharing tab.
  3. Everyone has Read/Write permission for the shared folder.
  4. Under the Security tab, Everyone has Full Control.
When I try to access this folder from the Windows 10 machine, I get the prompt to log in with appropriate credentials. When I access another W7 machine on the same network, I am able to see the shared folders with no login required.

What am I overlooking? It's frustrating. There was an excellent write up on this procedure that I used before, but I can't find it. Both machines have been rebooted.


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  • one or both computers has a home group, work group or Microsoft account set up?
  • the network has a proxy, edian firewall or dual (1 wired and 1 wifi) router between the two systems?
When I try to access this folder from the Windows 10 machine
so the wx system can see the share... can you post a screenshot of this please?

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