folders seeing with media player. streaming

I would be grateful for the panels view on the following:

Clean install Win 7 onto 160Gb drive (2x80Gb partitions). 2nd 250Gd HDD formatted.
2x users accounts (1x standard and 1x admin)
updated Win 7
right clicked and a changed location of My music/Pics/Videos to the 250Gb drive
copied from my backup all my music, pics and vids to the 250gb drive folders.

All OK, Xbox 360 finds and streams, media player finds and plays.

Homegroup setup on my son's PC. All works but media player on his machine sees only the c:/music/public folder
internet streaming setup on my PC at my flat via windows live ID. Only sees the public music folder.

can you help at all?

To add further clarification of the problem:

When I load windows media player the media library includes all the music on the 250gb drive. It also includes a library rob-pc which is shared and has the internet icon as well. This does not contain any music and yet rob-pc is the login for my user account. ( my wife's appears as julia-pc)

stumped on this one, thanks

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