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Been happenning for about 6 weeks and on and off. When filling in (say) an online registration form one of the info boxes will not take my typing. While all others will allow typing. Definitely my computer as when i use my wife's laptop all OK....SOOOO anyone know why?

bigharry says

Yes well I'm surprised that 153 have visited my thread about filling in forms and not one solution. What good is this forum I say. But seriously guys I'd love to know what's going on...........SO Any talent out there?
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I haven't visited your thread, nor do I know anything about the question. But what I do know is, ingratitude is of typical human nature. One simply has to live with it. :cool:


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153 have visited my thread about filling in forms
If I'd wanted to effectively draw further attention to my thread I would have bumped it up in the time honoured way or, if you wish to do it this way, opening a new thread, you would have massively improved the chances of achieving your objective by including a link to the original. ;)

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Well I won't bother responding to Titanic cos he takes things too seriously. Patcooke thanks for the advice the thread was obviously just below this one....Love Bigme


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I would like to point out that the 153 is not just members but also guests who reached this page by browsing or even a search engine such as Google. So if you're expecting people who have no account and potentially the same problem to reply, good luck with that one. As for your thread, there is a serious lack of detailed information attached to it. You neglected to mention what websites the problem occurs on or even what web browser you're using.

Re: bigharry says

In addition to what Mitchell_A stated, if you, (bigharry) had read the "Stickies" in this forum, you would have seen that, "This is NOT a Support Forum", hence your thread being overlooked by anyone that could really help you.

I will merge this with the one you started and place in the correct forum and if you could supply additional info about your PC and issue, you will most likely see some very helpful replies.


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