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Hi, I had a computer that had corrupted boot files so I decided to format the hard drive using a different computer. After I formatted the hard drive and stick it back into the computer with the windows 8 installation disc but when it loads up I get a error saying that computer needs to be recovered using recovery disc. The hard drive is wiped cleaned I double checked but I don't understand why it's giving me a error saying that I have a file missing instead of starting the installation.

Please help me thank you.


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If your simply booting up the machine and popping the disk in the drive then it won't work as the machine can't really do anything without having an operating system installed. What you need to do is tell the computer to boot from the disk so it can then install the new copy on your HDD. To do this you need to boot up but keep pressing either F2 or the delete key or whichever key it is which will get you into the bios. (often instructions on what key to press will be flashed on screen) Once your in the bios you then need to change the boot order so that DVD is first and HDD second. Once you've done this save the settings and reboot. This time watch for a prompt which say's 'Press any key to start install' or something like that. Once initiated then your good to go and the install will start.

1.To Home or Professional edition into the CD-ROM and restart the PC.
2.Using the arrow keys, scroll and select “Boot from CD
3.Thereafter, you will see a blue screen with series of messages
4.A new page appears with a list of options on where to install Windows
5.Upon completion, the process will take you back to the initial screen of where to install Windows
6.Choose the new partition as the primary partition to install Windows in
7.Thereafter, Windows will format the hard disk and proceed with the installation process.

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