Formatting Win8 PC and Reinstalling

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    Hi everyone,

    I am happy to join the forums :)

    I would like to format my ACER desktop, which has a WIN8 on it.

    Afterwards, I'd have to reinstall the WIN8, and I assume that I'd need the License Key to reinstall it, right?

    I have 2 questions please,

    1. Could I use the same license key?

    2. is the Re-installation done with a CD? Would the License Key be found there or is there another option to get it?

    Thank you very much.

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    1. Yes, you must you the same license

    2. Reinstall
    Acer normally delivers the desktops with "Acer eRecovery.." installed. The quickest way to reinstall is selecting the option "Restore to factory default" in that program. Your license will also be restored.

    There are more possibilities. There may be a recovery partition on your disk. See your manual on how to enable it in BIOS, and when enabled, press ALT and F10 when the Acer logo appears at start up. Again, this should be explained in your manual. Your license will also be restored

    If that all fails you will need the installation CD/DVD/download of Windows, Office and whatever you had installed. You will find drivers and utility programs on the support pages of Acer. There are little programs to reveal the licensees you currently are using and you need them after reinstall.
    But first let's see if one of the above options will do the job.

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