Windows 7 FSX - Add-on Compatibility help

Hello everyone,

Sure it would have been better to post this on a flight sim forum but they all require a monthly payment which is absurd. So, hopefully some people here have experience w/ FSX and add-ons! I'm hoping

Well, here are all the add-ons I am planning on getting or have already ordered:

I will be using FSX SP1 + Acceleration

- Real Environments X 2.0
- Flight Environment X (Was thinking about this one, is this one not necessary if you use REX 2.0?)
- GEX (USA/Canada/Europe)
- UTX (USA/Canada/Europe)
- Sound Environment X
- What a Wonderful World (wasn't sure about this one and GEX)
- VFR Complete (England and Wales)
- VFR Germany (All 4 parts, E,W,N,S)
- France VFR (mainly Brest + Chambery)
- FTX Australia (looks amazing) - Also about half of the Airports from ORBX too
- FS Genesis World + North America

- A few US Cities X - (SF, NO, Chicago) - Also VeniceX and a few others
- Switzerland Professional X
- Austria Pro X
- My Traffic 2010
- FS Passengers X
- SW Lights Redux
- Slovenia for FSX (simMarket: SST - SLOVENIA FOR FSX PART 1)

- MegaSceneryX (Hawaii + Los Vegas)
- Taburet Ranger Creek (Taburet - Ranger Creek & Ranier Nat. Park Washington - FlightSim Pilot Shop)

I think that about wraps it up! I know there's a lot, LOL. I THINK just about all of them are compatible except for a few which I will note in a minute, but I am new to FSX add-ons so I could really use some advice from you all.

1. Flight Environment X + REX 2.0 = Flight Environment X not needed?

2. What a Wonderful World compatibility? (Haven't ordered this one yet but was thinking about it, does it complement with the other add-ons or not needed?)

3. VFR's compatibility with GEX/UTX/Wonderful World?
^^ I was thinking that VFR would install after the above and would just overwrite England/Germany/France. I may be very, very wrong however.

4. Do you guys use/like VFR? I heard VFR close up is pretty bad as it is just flat. Recommended?

5. FS Passengers X. This one sounds awesome! Can't wait to use it!


Sorry for the long post, I could really use some advice on these add-ons compatibility.

Also, any OTHER recommended Add-ons? I think I covered the big ones (i'm real into getting all the graphics out of FSX as I can), but there are 1000's out there.

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7-920 OC @ 4ghz w/ Coolermaster Hyper 212
Sapphire 5970 OC Edition (w/ Nvidia 9500GT 1gb for dedicated Physx)
6gb OCZ RAM @ 1600mhz
Auzentech Prelude 7.1
Western Digital 1TB HD
Asus P6T Deluxe v2 Mobo

I want to say thank you in advance! I love these forums and this is going to be great fun getting into FSX with all this eye candy. Thanks!


EDIT: Also, anyone know a good install order? Sorry, this is my first time messing with FSX and add-ons. TY!


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Hi. I'm also an FSX fan though not to the same extent. I have FSX Acceleration, Just Flight UK scenery files, Shuttle, Military aircraft and a few other odds and sods. The scenery files are excellent with 1 metre mesh but do put a load on the machine. A good graphics card is essential. Forget DX10 - not worth it, and was never really sorted for FSX.

I'm using AMD Athlon X4 955 Black edition - Radeon 4890 graphics with seperate HD chip on the ASUA M4A78 Pro board - 2x1TB SATA drives - 8GB RAM.

Running FSX in ultra high @1920x1080 32bit is smooth as silk :D

Mostly, if things are compatible with FS 2004 they will run in FSX. Whether they will install correctly is a different matter and you may have to do it manually.

Good luck

I'm having problems with some FSX add-ons. Maybe some one is having the same problem.
The problem is that some of the planes look like they have exploded. The pieces are all ther but they are scattered around the fuslage.

The second problem is all the exterior lights are large squares instead of small round lights such as the wing navigation lights or the strobes.

Any body having the same problem with the graphics.

AMD 64 X2 4800 2.5GHz
NVIDA GeForce GTX 260 1G memory
Windows 7 64-bit


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