GA-MA785GMT Best Bios Settings


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Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H Rev 1.3
BIOS Ver. : F10B

Not going into the overclocking/Voltages/freq Etc section.

To access all features do CTRL+F1 to go to "Advanced Mode"


This Article gives the best information explaining this options.
EC Firmware


Internal graphic mode: Use the internal GPU or Disable.

UMA frame buffer size: How much RAM to allocate to the internal GPU.

Frame buffer location: Win32Bit Less than 4GB RAM = Below 4G
Win64Bit More than 4GB RAM = Above 4G

Surround View: Basicly to use with more than 1 display.

Onboard VGA Output connect: VGA / DVI / Etc..

VGA core clock control: Overclock the onboard graphic?

NB Azalia: Onboard HDMI Port


Oc Stuff
Voltage, Frequencies, Etc...


Dram Configuration:

DCT's mode: Ganged / Unganged. Basicly no real world difference between the two.
General advice: 2/4 slots occupied Ganged. 1/3 slots occupied Unganged.

DDR3 Timing items: For advance users only/ Overclock,Etc..


Bank Interleaving:
Adding perfomance If you have more than 1 RAM stick.

Channel Interleave: Another perfomance adder to the RAM management CPU does.

DQS Training control: No sure use. Try testing with either one.

CKE power down mode: Green save power option, Dont know. dont use it.Computer always ON.

Memclock tri-stating: Not sure, Like, the internet is not sure. Enabling tho did make overclock stable on 1 post

Bank Swizzle mode: Allow better data allocation between ram. Adviced enable if system stable.


AMD C1E Support: Power save option.

Virtualization: self explained

AMD k8 Cool&Quiet control: Same as AMD C1E.

Init display first: first card to detect. PCI/PEG(PCI-E)/Onboard)


NB Power Management: Generaly Auto. Overclock best Disabled.

SB700 Spread Spectrum:
General opinion Disabled.


Self Explained


Power save options: Best All off

PCI Latency Timer: Seems to apply only to PCI Cards on the MOBO. so Default is ok.

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Reset Case Open Status: Not needed in home enviroment.

All rest: Self Explained

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