god old Paint Shop Pro 7...


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Hmm.. I have Paint shop Pro 5. somewhere I'll try that as soon as I find it.


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ummm, sammytruck

running toshiba lap-top with 64bit firmware. i been using psp-7.04 since earlier version of win-xp(think sp1) … upon installation with win-8.0, was met by compatibility note-prompt … she's been playing nicely ever since (currently win-10).
psp-7.04 afore-mentioned note prompt:

after reading your post, and acting on some crazy hunch, located my previous version of psp-4.12 … this gem had been installed on my win-95 way back when … and acted like a master on win-xp. as for win-10 … no cigar. however … i'd wager to say the issue was more an 64bit fault than os-architecture.
psp-4.12 incompatibility error window:

further like to point out, sammytruck … i've also had fair amount of success installing visioineer scanner-drivers for one of their one-touch scanning beds with my toshiba lap-top. the reason i bring up this point because psp-7.04 offers acquisition interaction with plug-in devices … the one-touch-8100 being one such animal. paradoxically, according to visioneer's support website … they offer no 64bit drivers (least not for one-touch). who woulda' thunk!
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