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I just got an email apparently from from Google, saying that someone had tried to use an application of some kind to access my account, and that they had stopped it. They gave the IP address and a location in Morocco of where the attempt came from, and advised if it were not me, to click a link to change my password.

Knowing that things such as this are sometimes a ploy to obtain data, I decided not to. Also, I got to thinking about what might be accessed even if they did succeed, and I couldn't think of anything that is there that would matter if it were compromised,

Why would someone try to hack that account anyway
I'm less certain of that now, because later doing a search on Google, the returns page had a warning banner across the top of it saying the same thing, and linked me to my GMail account, which I hadn't thought of since it had called it my Google account.

I probably should change the password, but when I started to do so, the options that were provided didn't make any sense to me at the time, but I think that I know how to do it now.
I agree with Trouble. Google does NOT give IP addresses or locations of customers - of course, in many cases, locations are public, like it's no big secret that I live in Finland. The only one to possibly give information like this would be the Police, and I strongly doubt even they would do that, unless in a process of Court of Law, and that would namely be to your lawyer.

I'd say you're under some sort of an attack. Someone wants you, or someone dislikes you because of something you may have expressed in some Forum. It seems someone may​ block you from changing your password?

What to do, I don't really know. All I can recommend is a thorough scan.