Windows 10 Google Chrome deleted with bookmarks


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Hi, I updated to windows ten today, and when everything came back up and I signed in, Google Chrome was nowhere to be found. It wasn't in my programs, and there were no folders with Chrome. I've re-downloaded Chrome, but my hundreds of bookmarks are gone! They no longer exist. My internet explorer favorites are empty as well. Please help.
Do you have a Users.old folder in the root of your C: drive by chance? (you really should look at signing into Chrome and synchronizing your bookmarks to the cloud btw).

As Josephur said, if you are signing into Chrome it will restore all your settings favorites etc. when you log back into it after reinstalling it.

I thought I had a way to reinstall them using the Bookmarks.bak file from your Windows.old folder I did find the files on my computer in Windows 10.

If you find them see if this makes sense...

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome & Firefox

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