Got a bit of a problem

Well, it's a tad more than a bit of a problem. On mouse click, my Windows will jump around, more specifically they hide. Usually, they just disappear and come right back, sometimes it's gone but reappears after another click, and sometimes it's just completely gone, I've gotta go to the Task Manager to pull it back up. It makes using this comp so difficult so if anyone would know what the problem is and how to fix it it would be very much appreciated!

I'm running build 7100.

Edit: I tried two different mouses in three USB ports, all with the same result, still happening.

Edit2: Also often freezes up and crashes Firefox.

Edit3: Just noticed something interesting, the bug only happens when I've got tabs open in Firefox, do you think it could be because I'm still using v3 and not 3.5?
Also I suppose that would mean it's not a Windows 7 bug, hm,

Edit4: Seems I've finally nailed what's causing this issue, it only happens while a page is loading. That's why it seemed to happen while a lot of tabs were open, because chances are pretty good that with a bunch of things open one of them will be loading.

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No one's had this problem before?


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Have you loaded any new mouse drivers or allowed Windows to do so? Is this an older install and it just started to happen?

The low battery suggestion was good. Maybe uninstall the mouse and let Windows find it again. Is this a USB mouse and are your USB drivers OK?

7100 is rc version.... he would be wise to install 7600

When I first read your message, the part about the mouse didn't seem to make sense, but then I thought back to when this started happening and realized it was exactly when my mouse broke and I started using my sister's old mouse...
Ran and grabbed another mouse and lo and behold! Problem's not there anymore!
Thanks for the help!

Edit: Never mind, just fucking started happening again, ugh.

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