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I have done some thinking, Not sure if any other OS does this, But it could be intersting for users who run the new 7 to choose a theme that can change in colour.
Basically, What I am referring too is maybe have an option or a theme that it goes by time in the way it looks.

So for example a lighter colour for day and a darker colour for night it gradually shapes itself into that color.
So let's say it was 6:00am, Your taskbar would be coming out of the black theme into a lighter theme and it gets lighter as the day goes on and as we come back into night, The Taskbar gradually darkens.

I know it sounds a little quirky and weird, But it would be a cool add-in effect.


P.S Please criticise my thoughts here, I am not to worried as I am not a developer of Windows :)


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I remember having a vaio running win98 and the default desktop theme was something very similar. everything changed to the time of day like every 4 or 6 hours. its neat for second. kinda lose interest before you notice it change though

No, I understand heaps on your reply. It could become quite dull but I also see it as, It would change so instead of just having one Black theme for example it would change with the time.

I am not sure if Windows offers the auto wallpaper changer but you could add that into the mix and have different wallpapers going along with the shade of colour.

Thoughts :D


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Gosh that brings back memories.
How many of you remember the screen saver of the man on a desert island.
Different events happened to him throughout the day, and yeah you guessed it, it got dark at night.

It would be cool for eye-candy, for sure, but how much extra resources would it take?

I am not sure if M7 works the same way with the Basic and Aero, But it would work with or when aero was enabled with the theme. I would imagine resources would be taken up a little more which could be it's down turn. But it could be a cool addition, But as I said it a persoanl oppinion of mine.

I am running Windows 7 7056 RC1 and I love it, Did my wish come true?
My Wallpaper keeps changing from day to night. I set it to the Australian theme and in the morning I get a desert wallpaper and at night sydney fireworks.

Awesome, Love it ;)

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