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Awhile back I had posted a thread about my graphic issues with my hp envy 14. The problem I was encountering had to do with drops in my framerate after 10 or 20 minutes playing games. Now, up and to this point I never had any problems running games, matter of fact most games ran extremely well on this laptop. Then I updated my graphic drivers and ever since then I have had nothing but issues. (To date I have all the latest updates and drivers for my computer). I was able to live with the issues of fps drops since they were not to bad but recently it has become worse making game playing unbearable.

No matter what game I play with only 2 exceptions, I have major fps drops and lots of lag even with the settings turned way way down. This is very frustrating knowing that I was able to play high end games with no problems before. I installed HWinfo, msi afterburner and cpu-z to monitor everything when I was gaming per advice received from my older posts. I have been searching the internet it seems like forever to find a solution to this problem without having to do a factory reset. Basically when I start playing a game lets say Deadspace 3, I'll have normal frame rates 30-40, then when I start to run or pan the camera to look sharpley my fps drop to single digits. I stop and wait the system catches up fps increase to normal and I can continue. This is the cycle of hell that happens over and over throughout the course of the game. I have tried so many different things, I have cleaned out my registry of junk, uninstalled then reinstalled my graphics driver numerous times even using the ati removal tool to make sure it was a brand new install. I have tried overclocking my gpu, changing settings in my CCC, I installed game booster so I could turn off non-essential applications, when I am gaming, still no help. I thought maybe it could be temperature but I never go over 80'C. I have a hard drive of 640GB that at the moment has 150GB of free space, so it can't be enough space. I even upgraded my ram from 4GB to 8GB in hopes of fixing the problem but again NO JOY.

If anybody and I mean anybody has any suggestions that might help please let me know. I have come to a point where I am just lost with this whole thing.

I have a HP Envy 14 1110nr i5-460, 8GB, 640GB HD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with switchable Intel graphics


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Since the problem began when you updated the graphics driver, have you considered downgrading back to the driver version you used when everything was okay?


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I agree with seekermeister. Uninstall the present drivers and install the previous ones, would be my suggestion. And test the computer with games that have functioned well.

Temps could be an issue, 80 degrees Celsius is quite high, even if I had a factory overclocked video card that was safe til 120, according to the manufacturer. But usually overheating results in a crash / BSOD, and you seaming haven't had them? What temperature are you giving? CPU, GPU, or System / Mobo?

From what I found through a fast search, your CPU is just about enough for Deadspace 3, you're on the limit, so to say. Overclocking may be a solution, but it creates more heat... usually overclockers use desktops / even open solutions, with extensive cooling, extremists go to nitrogen and so forth. OC is not a sound method for laptops, as the space is very limited, inside the case, limiting heat control. Laptops are mostly created for office and other relatively light use. Gaming is heavy duty.

I hope this can give some ideas.

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