Graphics card issues - cannot duplicate to TV via HDMI


So I installed a new graphics card and despite it working fine in Linux Ubuntu and the card showing output to the monitor via DVI cable and the TV via a HDMI cable, during boot up of windows 10 the TV turns blank stating no video available and I cannot see where I am going wrong here. The monitor is apparently seen by the software from asus which I downloaded the correct drivers for this card Asus Radeon HD7750 1GD5 V2 as you can see in the print screen as display 1 32w LCD TV and it obviously too sees its connection via the HDMI so why isn't it using it? Thanks in advance.


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I uninstalled the asus drivers and went to amds website and installed theirs, the flickering has now gone however I still cannot get the tv working too. The option to let you display to just the tv exists too but its still not going to both even though the setting for duplicate is enabled. The only way I get both on at the same time is to use the extend screen setting.
I managed to get duplicate screens when I put my old vga monitor on using the dvi to vga converter but the graphics card software from Radeon is designed to only output identical resolution resulting in this peculiar problem of it not fully utilising the TV. I either get full screen on the smaller monitor and a shrunken desktop on the larger tv or I get at another resolution a full tv screen but with a reduced screen on the smaller monitor.

Are there alternative drivers to use I wonder?


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If you have an I5/I7 processor with build-in graphics, you should also have an Intel Graphics Control panel. Right click on the desktop background, select Intel Graphics Settings, look in screens.
Hope this helps.
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