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Ah, Redneck Rampage!


Great, here we go on:



Ok, yet another screenshot of this game:


The release of the first part of this game was in 2007, so far 2 parts total. Publisher - Atari. Engine - Real Virtuality.


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Hmm... stumped again! Great game tho' Greg!

This one is less obvious than SIMS 3, 1st person strategic shooter, part 1 & 2. Published by ATARI in 2006,7,8.

Another screenshot:

Less obvious than SIMS, but you've heard of it. : )


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Brothers in Arms?

#33 all our threads like "What are you playing right now?" and "What is the best game?" - it's mentioned there several times.

If I say the name is exactly the same as the name of God in Hittite mythology, will it be obvious enough? : ROLLEYES :

The game is quite popular, by the way.

Publishers: ATARI and 505 Games
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Engine: Real Virtuality


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ArmA ????????????????????????

: )

Yes zirkoni, it's you and me again.
ARMA, right.


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Everyone should know this one.

The picture is quite small, because the game runs on such a low resolution

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