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So, Hi :)
Few days ago my friend came and wanted to remove the password to the windows login screen, suddenly the computer became to "GUEST MODE" on the User Accounts in Control Panel, and I can't do anything, Installing Programms , Delete Programms , Or just to enter to simple settings, I tried to go fix the problem in SAFE MODE and came to screen with ADMINISTRATOR login, Which I don't know the password to it (It's not my password or "ADMINISTRATOR" "ADMIN")
I tried many other ways to fix it, also with cmd but I don't have access to anything to fix it .


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Hi back,
Sounds like your mate has disabled (hopefully not deleted) your account which was an admin... this would make the computer boot into guest mode as that is the only option remaining.

By default, in Windows 8 or 8.1 the administrator account sits disabled in the background as a backup and there won't be a password unless you or your mate has set one up BEFORE buggering the main account.

1. When you log in as a guest and open the explorer, can you still see your old account name listed as a folder at C: / Users?

If not (or a bootable back up image) then you are screwed... you can still wipe the system and re-install windows from blank but thats "lots of fun".

If the folder is still there then your old account is just disabled... you didn't tell us what system you have and 8 has different work arounds to 8.1 so thats as far as I can help for now.

2. We need to know the full system i.e. Windows 8.1 professional or Windows 8 enterprise etc...

I fixed the problem finally , thank you guys for helping.


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Would kinda be nice to know what you did that "fixed the problem".
Other might benefit from your experience.

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