Hard Crash.......

Hi :),
My hubby's computer died this morning:(. It's giving me blue screens - bad pool header errors - can not reference memory and write memory errors. His hard drive is 5 years old. He is running win 7 home pro 64bit. I "think" its an AMD processor - not really sure but can check. I tried running the repair utility and could not. I tried inserting the DVD and running it off of it and could not. I tried to re-install and can not. When I click the install button I'm getting - "can not write referenced memory errors. Am I waisting my time with a corrupt hard drive? Any help is GREATLY appreciated - beyond belief :)!!!! Thank You for your time and help :)!!!
Best Regards Melissa R Lang

Hi :)!!!
I swiped a spare drive from my living room puter and am installing Win 7 now so I'm inclined to think that the hard drive was toast. Being 5 years old and located in the south texas heat it's got to be a fried drive. I hope everyone is having an awesome day filled with joy and love and laughter :)! Happy Moms Day To All :)!!!!

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