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Windows 7 Has anyone tried roxio easy media creator 10?


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Apr 26, 2009
I have the disk laying around here some where and I was not completely sure it would install on 7100... Is there a compatibility mode I should try it in or what? Thanks in advance :D
I've not used anything made by Roxio in quite some time as I feel it is complete junk.. ;) I've always had nothing but problems with it... Sorry this doesn't answer your question but I just hate Roxio software so much I had to post this.. hahaha

I'd say just go for it, it's either gonna work or not.. installing it would be the only way to know if it's going to work or not.. :)
Well I need it just for the movie maker basically cause im making a movie composition for my grandmothers kindergarten class... I could try and use Sony Vegas Pro... But I'm unfamiliar with it... Do you have any suggestions on what kind of program to use to make a movie... Besides windows movie maker? (I just despise that program) :D
Well that all depends my friend.. on what you want to do with your movie.. To me, special effects don't make a movie.. script, plot, characterization, and editing do.. ;) But if your looking for special effects than I'd give ParticleIllusion a try.. you can create some pretty neat effects with it.. As far as actual movie editing/creation software goes I'd try Cyberlink Power Directory.. It has numerous features and is highly rated.. I believe it costs around $70 but it's well worth it from what I've heard/read.. ;) Other than that there's Corel Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio, and of course Nero... Actually here's a site with some of the one's I mentioned and a few more..

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Hopefully that helps you out a bit.. :)

Edit: Here's a link to ParticleIllusion as well: http://www.wondertouch.com/

Unfortunately I doubt all of these work with Windows 7 at this point in time but I'm sure they all will sooner than later..
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Ulead video studio

Sony Vegas is kinda hard to use get Ulead Video Studio all kinda effects and a lot cheaper too ;)

Hey dont forget you ahve winxp mode so most programs that will not work with win7 should in xpmode :)
The only reason I brought up Sony Vegas Pro is cause my Mother has the Disk in her little cd holder... but yeah I will try some of the programs you have listed thanks... When I find my Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 disk I will post if it worked or not :D

Okay Success!!! It installed perfectly on my lappy... I have yet to test it but its open and seems to work wonderfully... :D
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