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Windows 8 Powerfcg /sleepstudy added in 8.1-has anyone tried it?


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Microsoft Community Contributor
Oct 16, 2009
I was looking at the switches for the powercfg utility and noticed there seemed to be a new one in 8.1, /sleepstudy. When I try it, the message says it will not run on my system. Has anyone tried it yet?
The system must support Connected Standby. To verify that this sleep state is supported, open a command prompt window, and run the following command:

powercfg /a

If your system supports Connected Standby, Standby (Connected) will be in the list of available sleep states.

  • Ensure that the system is running on DC (battery) power. Energy efficiency jobs are designed to run only on mobile devices. If a battery is not detected, you will receive an error.

There are special requirements for RT devices.
I will do that tomorrow, but I have gotten messages my system is not supported. Since I posted this in October things may have changed, but I don't think my system is supported in a Connected state.

Thanks for the reply.