Windows 7 Has anyone tried using a 3rd party file manager?


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In spite of all the nice additions to Explorer, I still don't like it. Not productive enough. On my XP partition I use Directory Opus. It installed and worked fine on 7, but it kept corrupting my file system. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but after using it to move or create files/folders, nothing could write to my disk. I restarted and chkdsk fixed things. This happened a few times before I decided to uninstall DOpus. That didn't help, so I reinstalled 7 and things were fine. I decided to try DOpus again, and the problems came back. So I reinstalled 7 for a second time, and I'm managing with Explorer.

So I'm wondering if anyone has tried using a different file manager in beta 1?
I use Total Commander on Win7 b7000 and it works just fine.
Can't say anything about Directory Opus though.