hauppauge compatibility ????

i plan on using w7 for a home media system .i need to find out what cards are compatible w/ w7. i have a 1800 that works but i was lookin for a older one for an older machine pci slot p4 2.8 478 533.

Hi! I am thinking, based on the Vista Hardware Compatibility List for Hauppauge, that most of their cards are compatible. Just note that Hauppauge's PCI cards are only supported in 32-bit versions of the OS (just because of their issues with x64 and more than 3GB of RAM). I don't see a Windows 7 HCL, yet.

Windows Vista Compatibility Center Search Results - hauppauge

I wouldn't go too old with the card though (stick with a 250 or newer), just because of the technology changes, and what Hauppauge may decide to support with drivers, etc.

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