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Have you Reserved your free Upgrade of Windows 10?
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Yes....I'm taking advantage of the "FREE" upgrade on all my machines.

Paul Simpson

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Same here. Can't beat a freebee. I got build 10130 on my laptop and main desktop and both are running great at the moment, even my games are running in xfire now. Still can't get cortana to speak to me appart from when I change my name but I dont use it yet anyway.


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Looks like I'm going to have to reinstall Windows 8, let it upgrade to 8.1, and then upgrade again to Windows 10.

I wish I could just get an ISO file and install it using my Windows 8 registration number.
I have a real Windows 8 disk and number.


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There is still some confusion over the subject of how this upgrade will work.
It is shaping up to a view that it is not exactly free. You will have to prove, and give up, your genuine Windows 8/7 key, which will then be embedded in the Windows 10 installation.
I know it is a majority situation, that many users have the same key on more than one household computer, but that is another issue. Speaking strictly of the MS Eula, you will only be able to uninstall and return to your earlier OS, if you are unhappy with 10.
So, maybe it can be viewed as getting two for the price of one........................?

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