Windows 7 HDD locked


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Yo. So I had a trial of norton 360 installed on a computer with the windows 7 RC, and once the subscription ran out and I found that I hated norton 360, I uninstalled it. I THINK this is when my HDD became totally locked, because next time I rebooted I noticed I was denied access to the drive. The drive is unable to tell me who the owner is, and I am unable to do the following fixes.

Add Owner/Access via conventional methods
Enable the built in admin account
Install/Uninstall anything

Basically, since windows is on the drive, it is unable to access the UAC so it won't let me do anything that requires admin rights. I haven't been able to think of a work around, but I want to try reinstalling windows. However, that is the only option I can think of right now. Any one have any better/smarter suggestions/fixes? Thanks!