Windows 10 Headset mic + audio suddenly cuts off when USB cable moves (laptop)

I am using a Kingston cloud II headset and since 2-3 days i have been experiencing problems with my audio and mic. I had this problem 6-8 months ago but it just came back.

So what actually happens is when i have my headset plugged into my laptop and i want to watch a youtube vid i can hear the audio from it, but when i move myself, the audio cuts out and the video stops too.

On teamspeak i have the same problem, my mic and sound just gets disabled and not recognized and when i screw around with my usb plug it works again and when i move it doesnt...

When i try to plug the usb cable in and out again it works, but when i move, the usb cable of my headset moves too, making this problem to reoccur. I tried to look on the sounds panel of my laptop and when the problem happens my headset mic and sound doesnt appear on the panel screen, but when i move it a couple of times it does.

It is really anoying, what could be the problem?

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Do you know that Kingston have a two-year warranty on their headset? I suggest you contact their technical support. They will certainly help you with this.


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Eunice is probably right, it sounds like a bad cord or connector.
Do you have a second USB port that you can plug it into?

If it does the same thing that would rule out the plug on the computer being bad, maybe you could switch the headphone and mouse plug temporarily.

The other thing that you could try is duct taping the cord to your desk just beyond where it comes out of the computer, so that it can't move the plug and see it that stops it, that would tell you that the problem is in the plug and not where the cord attaches to the head set.



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It could also be due to a variety of non-hardware related issues, such as virus/malware infection (have you scanned for viruses?), windows registry corruption from W10 AU update, windows instability, etc. These are often correctable by using a series of various windows repairs, such as CHKDSK /R and SFC /SCANNOW and others. Before attempting these however you should FIRST BACKUP ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA! THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOUR LIBRARY FOLDERS FOR DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, AND ANY SAVED E-MAILS OR ATTACHMENTS IN ORDER TO AVOID IRRETRIEVABLE DATA LOSS!!!

If these basic repairs still don't fix it, you'll have to look at more advanced W10 repairs starting with In-Place Upgrade repair through the W10 Recovery Console and up to and possibly including complete reinstallation of W10. Here's how to do that: Sound Problems

Best of luck,:encouragement:


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