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What are some of the benefits in relation to the upgrade? It doesn't appear that different.

Well, so far, it loads up and runs faster, than Vista, Win-7 or even XP without some Tweaking.

Once tweaked out, it boots up quickly and it can shut down in 5 sec's.... similar to my own XP machine.

Right now, I'm only running Win-8/DP on a six year old Compaq desktop, with a single core processor and just 2 gig's of DDR ram.
I did put in a SATA II hard drive to try to get a little bit of performance out of it.

Cheers Mates!

Apologies, right now I can't take time to enumerate or address all that makes 8 superior to its predecessors, for now, it is & soon I'll (try to) find time to touch on how & why.

It does, certainly, speak to some of it in the note above...
I chuckled a bit @ the "just 2 gig's of DDR ram" part, (1) cus of what (specs) we take for granted these days & what we've come to consider small and (2) cus 8 would (still) be happy w/ just 1 Gig. It is mind-boggling how little 8 needs, how non-resource-demanding it is. Its numbers are stunning.

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Playing with a new OS is much cheaper than many other sports today.
I like to use a little script called "Reboot Timer" to see if a certain 'Tweak' or performance tip is actually making the PC more efficient, or if it's having a negative effect. I like to keep a log sheet, showing a certain Tweak or adjustment and then the reboot time after that change is made. That gives me 'Real Time' feedback as to whether I'm gaining or loosing.

Back in the 8088 days (anyone remember those?) I used a stopwatch, to measure boot time. I wish I'd had a program like the reboot timer back then. It could have been done with a batch file, maybe.
Still on memory lane, does anyone remember the 1200 Baud Hayes Modem? (Pre-Internet days)
I built my first PC from spare parts and it had only 64k of ram memory and a 20 meg hard drive.

One thing to consider in speed testing the Win-8/DP OS, it comes with very little bloat. It does however come with a sizable Driver Store.

As for running various software, so far I've had no problems EXCEPT when trying to install Anti-Virus software.
My old favorite AV program, AVG 2012 Internet Security (or even AVG FREE) installed up to a point and then logged an error and the install was halted.
I then tried Avast AV (not my favorite) and got a message telling me that there were 'Incompatibilities' with that program. Again the install aborted. Win-8 actually performed a recovery, on reboot, sort of like an automatic System Restore.
So right now, all the real time protection I've got on Win-8 is 'Malware Bytes'. For passive protection I'm using Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster.
I'm confident though, that by the time Win-8 is ready for the store shelves, all those little 'incompatibilities' will be ironed out.

Just at first glance, it would appear that the more a program has to get into (write to) the registry, the more likely it will fail.
Programs that are registry IN'dependent seem to run just fine. I copied "Sol.exe & Cards.dll" over from XP and the classic Solitaire runs like a champ. But, AVG Tune-Up ran fine till it came to re-writing the LAN spec's in the registry. (optimize the internet connection) Then I got a message that it could not write to the registry. That was a big disappointment to me.

I'm anxious to see the next version of Windows 8.......

Happy Holidays Everyone!

MSE runs on Win 8 very nicely.



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I believe that Microsoft Security Essentials (renamed yet again back to Defender) comes pre-installed an included in Windows 8 and does not require installing MSE independently.
Windows 8 comes with PRE-INSTALLED, PRE-ACTIVATED & FREE Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Software (along with a Firewall and Automatic Updates as previous versions included). It's essentially the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials (a free download for Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP), that has been renamed back to Windows Defender (a program included in Windows Vista & 7 that provided Anti-Spyware but no Anti-Virus).
SOURCE: Windows 8 Developer Preview: The Big Picture Behind The Reimagining Of Windows - Andrew Tech Help (Security)
For those of us still on Windows 7. Microsoft is currently beta testing (beta4 I believe) a new release of Microsoft Security Essentials which was open to pubic beta November 17th 2011 New Microsoft Security Essentials Beta On The Way | Microsoft News but is now closed https://connect.microsoft.com/site981 and expected to be released somewhere around the New Year.

You are, indeed correct, Randy.

Windows Defender, in Win8, IS MSE. So the Defender that (still) comes w/ the OS, now, does mean MSE does not have to be installed separately or additionally.

If I'd done this as an "Edit Post", I'm not sure it would have been noticed... it fits as a continuance of what I'd last said: Beyond the new offline tool, Microsoft has even bigger plans for Windows Defender. At the company's Build conference in September, Windows President Steven Sinofsky revealed that a new and beefier version of Defender would provide the built-in anti-malware and antivirus for Windows 8.

Must say that the Ribbon & File functionality & offerings in the Windows 8 Explorer Windows is an absolute joy. Things are so clear, in-your-face, easy to understand & convenient*. The more time spent w/ 8, learning & discovering using and navigating w/in it... it will be hard for people to dislike it. It gets to be really rather neat & fun making usage sensible & pleasant. Takes some open-minded adjusting but, upon 'investigating', tends to grow on you. Also, the display, font, graphics appearance are amazing & impressive; so is the speed!
As for the 1st point(*)... comes across a bit like, geeesh, should have always been like this.

Cheers from Win8,

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