Windows 7 Help! 0x124 error.

So you were getting two kinds of BSODs, but only one type was manifesting with the new RAM?

As for the type of BSOD, a 0xC4 just means a specialized embedded Driver Verifier check for Windows discovered a driver doing something bad, and caught it in its tracks. Of course, hardware can manifest these crashes too, since hardware problems can alter driver operations, which can end up having Windows point finger at the driver, not the hardware. That's what gets tricky about analyzing crashdumps; Windows almost always crashes blaming drivers/software as responsible, because that's all it can really see. It's up to the analyst to scrutinize the data and figure, "Ok, the software meant to do one thing but the hardware had it do something else. That's a hardware problem." Only exceptions are specialized crashes like the WHEA crashes, and sometimes TDR crashes and 0xF4 crashes, and that's only because the hardware reports to Windows that it actually discovered a problem.

Anyways, pardon the rant. Go ahead and send it to the shop. Lord willing if the system isn't that old they'll be lenient with ya.
Well I've had at least 4 types of BSODs, ever since I've had the PC. The first ones I got were 0x0000003D INTERUPT_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. I can't remember how that got fixed, then there was the 0x000000C4 ones. Then I got a 0x0000001E pointing at Nvidia drivers. Then about 1 week later I got the 0x00000124 BSOD twice. That was a few days ago.
Just specifically 0x124. It's as if I get random BSODs in stages of different error codes. I'm fed up of them.
Sorry for the late reply but he fixes all BSOD errors. It was driver issues, he said my PC was a mess with drivers. Everything had been fine up to yesterday when my PC froze, I thought nothing of it, then earlier it froze again. I know it's not driver related, I know it's not heat related, and I know it's not hardware related. Now this really is strange. I have only downloaded a game and a mod since he fixed it which was way before the freezing so I don't know.
It has to be one of those things. Even though he may of cleaned up your drivers, that doesn't resolve the problem if the hardware is the underlying issue.

I say the guy at the shop just looked at your system, saw the driver mess, and immediately assumed that was the problem. Personally, I wouldn't blame him. Nevertheless, I recommend taking it back to him and telling him there's more to it than that and he needs to delve deeper or start swapping hardware.
Yeah well I just got another BSOD. I got a 0x00000d1 DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. It points at dxgmms1.sys. Although I know it's not a graphics card driver because the PC guy fixed that a month ago and I've had no problems since. But 3 days before I got the BSOD I updated about 9 or 11 I think windows important updates.
I'm not entirely sure the Windows updates are responsible. I know sometimes they can release buggy updates that cause BSODs, which you'll want to update your system again to ensure that those bugs are taken care of.

If you want, turn on Driver Verifier then restart system and let it crash the system a few times, then send us the resulting crashdumps. If it causes a boot loop, the article will explain how to get out of it (just go into Safe Mode and disable DV from there).
dxgmms1.sys is a video driver file connected to DirectX. One way to try to solve the problem could be, uninstall all video drivers you have, reboot if requested BUT DO NOT ALLOW WINDOWS TO INSTALL DRIVERS, then preferably run CCleaner to check your registry, reboot, then install the original drivers you got with your video card / motherboard CD or DVD = start from start.

You could also uninstall any codec packs you have, Windows covers almost all.

Then, go from step one forward. Having several sets of drivers and codecs may be lethal. You may and can install anything later, after wish, but do it one by one.

Best wishes. :)
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I've not replied for ages so sorry about that. I've had it formatted multiple times and it works for while then the problem comes back. I've had it sent off to the manufacturer and they said it's not hardware but the upgraded my power supply from a 400 watt to a 700 watt. They also replaced the graphics card because the fan was making a noise, in fact they upgraded it from a GTX 650 to a GTX 650 Ti. Now it's something i'm installing but I can't figure out what it is. I can give you all my specs through Dxdiag here: If you need anymore information then ask. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
What's the problem now, again? I'm having trouble understanding what the issue is now. Is there a problem with installing something?
I have to agree with Vir, I do have problems in understanding what the issue is. Anyways, it has to be something fundamental, it can't be related to PSU or graphics card, since upgrading them didn't do it. In fact, getting new ones was probably just a waste of money.

All I can say right now is, BE SURE to have your BIOS at Default. Mobos have a tendency to have automatic overclocking, even if one didn't want it - I've had my 3.1GHz processor running at 4GHz, and I never meant it. The best way to nullify it all is to take off your CMOS battery, wait for perhaps 30 seconds, then re-install it OR replace it with a new battery, batteries also have failures, and start your computer. Your computer should ask "Do you want to start with safe defaults", or something, and then go with it.

The root of the problem seems to be something not yet touched or solved.
I wouldn't recommend that, I'd double check memory timings in the bios and cpu mem voltages and set them to their correct values and not on auto.
One thing I would try is changing the command rat of the memory from 1T to 2T and after checking your cpu-z the cpu is overclocked
My computer is freezing when playing games. I formatted it yesterday and it hasn't solved the problem. I installed the motherboard drivers from the disc and I installed the graphics drivers from version 332.21. I sent it off to the manufacturer a few weeks ago and they said it was a software fault, they found nothing wrong with the hardware.
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