Help! Blue Tint on Everything -- Hardware or Software Issue?


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Hi All,

Thanks so much in advance for your help on this --

My computer has this incredibly gaudy look to it. Just appeared one day and we haven't been able to fix it since. Here's what it looks like:


If that picture looks normal to you I'll assume it's a hardware issue, but just knowing that it looks normal to everyone else would be incredibly helpful. I've also tried hooking this computer up to another screen and I find the whole screen to have a nauseating blue tint to it. When I try with other computers it looks fine, so I assume it's a software issue. Windows 7 being run -- help?

Thanks so much!
-- Murex


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It looks fairly normal to me also. The Adobe notice is greyed out so I assume you are not referring to it.

Does it behave the same if plugged in? Have you tried different themes?


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It looks normal to me.
What version of Windows is this?

Have you tried adjusting the color balance using your video settings?

Display Settings, Advanced Settings, Color Calibration (in Windows 10).

Does your graphics card have it's own adjustments, I use the Nvidia control center on my computer to set up the color settings.
There are a lot more options available there then the native Windows setup.

There is a check box that gives it preference over the Windows settings.

If you have hooked the laptop to a monitor and see the same issue it would seem to indicate that it's not the screen on your computer but some kind of adjustment or software issue.

I see this is an issue that goes back through many versions of Windows and the answer isn't always the same for each one.


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actually the above screenshot does look pretty normal and not overly gaudy. Can you post some more information on what type of system you run making sure you include graphic card details and whether the drivers are updated.
Look normal to me also. But, to echo Kemical. Is this Windows 10 rtm ,or an early build. Perhaps even Windows 8??


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Your monitor and or cable may be broken: color red may be missing

Try resetting your monitor to factory defaults first, use the knobs and switches on your monitor, don't start with changing the settings in your computer.

Or try a different monitor and/or a new cable.

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This looks like Win7, not W10 as Mike had asked you. It would be also very helpful if you could tell us the Make/Model of your computer. Is it a Desktop PC or a laptop/table?

If this is a laptop, it's especially important to try a different monitor, as it will tell you if your laptop LCD is failing or not as bochane indicated. If you don't have an external monitor or TV to try, you can take into your local repair shop, and ask them to borrow one. Many repair shops, even Best Buy, will often not charge you for this, and will even let you hook your laptop up to a known good store LCD monitor right on their test bench! I've done this several times over the years. If you they want to charge you, anything less than $25 would be reasonable. Or take to a different repair shop. Remember that the techs there are incentivized to please you; if they do it for free, you're more likely to come back there for other repairs or computer/accessories purchases in the future!


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