Help Installing XP On Windows 7 Ultimate

Hello everyone. I'm posting this thread because i want to know how to install XP on Windows 7 Ultimate. I tried a few methods now, VMWare Workstation 9 doesn't work because when i install XP VMWare gives me an error saying that kernel couldn't be found or some dumb **** like that. (excuse my language) I tried downloading VMWare Player and i can't install it because it asks me to delete VmWare Workstation 9, I'm not going to do that because I have Mountain Lion 10.8 Installed on it. And last but not least I tried using " Windows Virtual PC " on the official website. When i click download they say that they have to check weather my copy of windows is genuine or not. It checked, and told me that it was not. And it was. My license key was real. So it kept giving me the damn error that i need a new activation code so i had to use a " remove wat " program. Anyways " Windows Virtual PC " is also out of the picture. Anyone else has an idea? Perhaps another Virtual Machine for PC? Thanks for looking.


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Oracle VM VirtualBox

If you are having Windows Genuine issues, you should call Microsoft. Windows Genuine and Hardware Virtualization are the only two reason I can think of that would give you headaches running Virtual PC. As far as the other virtualization apps, they shouldn't care one way or another if your copy of windows is genuine. I'm suspecting Hardware Virtualization may be disabled if you are having issues running any of the virtualization applications. However I was under the impression that some of them didn't require Hardware Virtualization.

I have been spending a few days setting up Virtual PC and XP Mode (as well as another virtual machine with Win98) on my PC. At first it wouldn't install XP Mode because Hardware Virtualization in the system BIOS was disabled. I'm not sure why this was still an issue, because they supposedly lifted the Hardware Virtualization requirement but it still wouldn't install until I enabled that feature.

Good luck, this may or may not help. I'm hoping it does help. :)

I'll try Oracle VM VirtualBox and i fixed the windows 7 not being guniune. I's all good.

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