Help Needed with Updates

Dave Grand

New Member
After uninstalling and reinstalling updates I still have major problems with IE 11 on my Win 7, 64 bit system. I start IE 11 and it works ok for the opening page, then I go to another site and it just wont connect period, and then says page wont display , very frustrating . I reboot and get the opening page , then same old crap again. I feel I need these critical updates as I use my PC for work everyday. Have the weekend to figure this out, and have never had an issue with windows updates before . Thanks for any help.


Senior Member
1.You shouldn't have started a new thread for the same problem.

2. You said you will try my method ( installing one at a time, then check IE. install next update, check IE etc etc ).
Well have you tried ?

Need you to clarify :
Were the updates installed OK ?
Did the system restart and then began configuring/working on the updates successfully to 100% ?

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