Help to recover passwords to accounts in Outlook 2010

The disk C was formatted. By means of R-Studio pulled out from it the ntuser.dat and Outlook.pst files. Through regedit I exported from ntuser.dat all branch [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem] to the .reg the file. I placed in the virtual disk the received file of the register and base with letters. Letters are read without problems, accounts are loaded, but WITHOUT PASSWORDS. In Outlook of a field of passwords empty though keys of POP3 Password are present at the register and are filled with values. Accordingly, when checking mail servers require you to enter a password. Mail PassView too shows passwords the empty.

What to do?


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A client asked you to hack their email accounts?


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Generally speaking, most if not all email hosts (providers) have a means and method for recovering from "forgotten passwords" generally it will involve answering a security question or two and supplying or choosing the method whereby they can send you the reset code / information. Some even provide a means of doing this over the phone or in a real time chat session.
In the case of a privately managed Exchange or other Email Server, the administrator of that environment can reset the password for you.

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