[HELP] Usb drivers stopped working

Ok i have this really anoying problem.It's like i don't have USB ports on my laptop.Each time i put flash or mouse usb (it tries to install that driver and then) a notification appears with message Usb not recognized.I've tried couple thing to do,I've even reinstalled all drivers,but nothing.That problem came a year ago (don't know how) and by now i still haven't found a way how to fix it.Still can't use mouse,(I have laptop keyboard mouse)flash....Searching on internet I found one solution that appeared to be correct.
I found it here,it says that motherboard has something to do with this
How to fix USB device not recognized in Windows

I tried method in link above and it didn't work...Probably cuz I'm dumb with all that computer's stuff.So can someone tell me (explain me) how to do this method or even some new method.

Sorry for my bad English.Thanks is advance.


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In order to do what is suggested on the link since it's a laptop you would have to remove the battery, remove the charging cord and wait a few minutes.
I really don't think this will solve your porblem but go ahead and try it can not hurt.

Elmer i tried it.First time nothing and after second time it did read flash but still not mouse usb.
So i will do it a couple more times,in order to make mouse work....
I saw you mention how we need to do this process few times...
Anyway thanks....At least something works.


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You have cold booted the system?

Is this a retail computer and everything was pre-installed?

Could one of your devices be defective?

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