Help with "GAME" STOPPED WORKING errors on most games

Most games I try to play give me the message "Game"Stopped Working. For example when playing Mass Effect 2 I will get an error after anywhere between 1-30 minutes stating: Mass Effect 2 HAS STOPPED WORKING. Then of course it says windows will check to see if there is a solution to the problem. I guess it doesn't find one, cause it doesn't get back to me... :rolleyes:

This happens on Godfather 2, Mass Effect 2, GTA 4, Just Cause 2(although it seems to take longer before it happens...30mins or so.) It probably happens on more games than this and after this post I will install more games and check.

This problem has occurred when I had my gtx 275(Asus) and still happens with my gtx 480(Evga) so I don't think it is the card itself.

I tried the obvious things such as shutting down my Anti Virus(F-Secure Internet Security) while playing, Installing various NVidia WQHL drivers using the correct method including running Driver Sweeper,and reinstalling the DirectX_Jun2010 redist.

Here are my system specs.
O.S. = Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (6.1 7600) English
Mobo = Asus Maximus Formula
CPU = Core 2 Duo E8400 Overclocked to 4ghz (Underclocking doesn't help)
BIOS = Ver: 08.00.12 ( BIOS Date: 04/23/08 21:08:07)
RAM = 8Gb (4x2Gb, 2 matched kits) Gskill F2-8500CL5D DDR-1066(CL5-5-5-15) Running at 1062 because of overclock(weird limiter)
DX = DirectX 11
GPU = NVidia Geforce GTX 480, (Driver:, WHQL: YES
SOUNDCARD 1 = LOGITECH G35 USB Headphones bypass the soundcard and use their own drivers. I use these primarily.
SOUNDCARD 2 = Supreme FX 2 Audio(Came with mobo) Switched from my soundblaster audigy cause it wasn't working with skype.
I can supply more system info if needed.

Solve PC Issues has this to say:
Description: A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Files that help describe the problem (I have attached the dmp file)
Extra information about the problem
BCCode: 117
BCP1: FFFFFA8006D134E0
BCP2: FFFFF8800FF42230
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

I have also attatched the 64bit Dxdiag file. I really need help figuring this out as it sucks only being able to use my expensive gaming rig to surf the net. I appreciate any help offered and can supply any extra info needed. Feel free to pm me or contact me via my email if you like. Many thanks in advance. Best regards-Draztic

Note: I will have to try uploading the attatchments in the next day or so. I am having some issues with the built in uploader. But it might be my internet. My IP is sorting out some issues at the moment. However most of the info has been covered in my post already.

Edit 1: I forgot to mention I searched and found no results for my problem but after posting I found something semi similar(but not really and am checking the possible solutions now. )

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your box is 1000Mhz overclocked?

smartest advise reset all to stock speed, format, install and enjoy your games all provided your hardware is still in working order and not already screwed to heaven.

Thanks for your reply. This overclock is not uncommon on this chip and mobo combo, I spent alot of time finding max thresholds for each component individually and then lowered the oc by 200 mhz. If my system was fried, wouldn't I have issues with stuff other than games? Also I have never had an error with Bad Company 2 which is odd. I don't get any errors running furmark for example. Also my gpu is running stock clock. Not trying to debunk your advice but I haven't considered that as an issue... -Draztic

your system is not fried (yet) but in an unstable condition which pops up once you put real (gaming) stress on it. For my personal observation the number of complaints are on a steep rise regarding 7/oc'ed/games failing especially for extreme o'cs.

well, just my thought :)

You very well may have a point. I haven't noticed reverting to stock clock helping though. My bios has an option to switch between OC profiles. Reinstalling windows at stock clock wouldn't help would it? I mean the oc shouldn't corrupt the os would it? Your input is valued man, I am just trying to avoid doing a fresh install as I just did one a couple months back. Best Regards- Draztic

Do not forget the post helpful click to the right :)

Especially extreme overclocks tend to slowly corrupt data written to hdd, yes, that's why I recommend formatting.
You see for yourself by installing every couple of month again.. not nice, no?

In my times as IT bit-level technician (years ago) I saw overclocks on binary level and, hell, you would wonder how data gets from skewed to screwed.

Okay, you can do a 7 repair install and see how it goes but it won't fix your core issue... you live on borrowed time as it will happen again and again until your box is back in a bit-stable condition.

I am self taught with computers and it appears that I still have alot to learn. Kudos to you Agent, reverting to stock clock allowed me to play Godfather 2 for about 40 mins with still no error. I am gonna log for the night and test more games tomorrow but so far it looks like you were right. Seems you know yer stuff :) Thanks a lot man, and if you don't mind keeping an eye on this thread for the next few days I will update as I go and hopefully I don't need anymore help but ya thanks!

And a lot of people will probably think I'm an idiot for overclocking my rig so much but was stable as hell for like...over a *shrug*, I guess you learn something new the saying goes. Thanks again man! -Draztic

you are a very lucky guy when simply reverting clocks to default did the trick for you!

for too many, in your situation, this does not work any more.


I guess I am lucky, all seems to work fine now. Played GTA4 for an hour and a half and that used to crash consistently. They should tell people in the overclocking guides of issues you could encounter other than hardware failure with what might otherwise appear to be a stable overclock.

My friend who works as a computer tech told me the I7 processors are less prone to these issues with overclocking to a degree. Because of the fact they don't use a northbridge of something like that. What is your opinion Agent? Thanks, -Draz

Actually you can not really test the oc situation (safe/unsafe) without an multi-beam oscilloscope and checking signal/data flow quality at certain points. There may be a rule of thumb (I am no expert in the current hardware scene) what is considered safe. The problem nowadays is people can modify timings and voltages which can conflict each other and you do not know until...see above :)

The old myth that If certain software like Prime95 (whatever) runs fine for hours means the oc is safe - is simply wrong coz you got no indication about the data flow. All you can say is the CPU managed to work error-free for a certain time.

Signal flow is always depending on other signals to be present and interact in a certain time-window - if that does not happen the command/data is lost in Nirvana causing data corruption to whatever extent.

However, I know the overclocker scene is big business (killing hardware :) fuelled by meaningless benchmark scores and so on...

My advice, if "you" gotta pure gaming box...go ahead and just screw it to hell :)

...BUT if you have sensitive/valuable data on your box, no matter which CPU, you better work within specifications and you will be safe from premature data corruptions - therefore colourful problems and everyone bashing Windows in the first place.

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