Help with Hyper-V


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How do I configure Hyper-V as a type 1 hypervisor? I enabled it, but my computer boots into windows like it did before. I expected to see some kind of hypervisor interface in which I could then install operating systems on top of the hypervisor. If it is a type 1 hypervisor, why does it boot into windows each time?

Is this available only for windows server editions? I have windows 10 pro.


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Hyper-v is a type 1 hyper visor in the sense that it does run under the Windows operating system and controls access to hardware and resources but it doesn't run as a stand alone hyper visor. You have to create and run the VMs from an installed version of Windows.

Technically speaking all type 1's are run as OSes. ESX is just Linux based and much lighter on resources unless you go Server 2016 or 2019 which can be run headless.


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Ok thanks! That really clears things up.
I also game on my computer. Will I notice a performance or frame rate drop with hyper-V enabled?