Help with internet connection?


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This is a new one for me, in all my years' computing I've never seen this problem?

We were at a friends house today and she said that her internet wasn't working.

So when I looked at here connection it said...

"No internet secured" on the connection list.

When I tried to connect it just said cannot connect.

When I dug farther I found the information...

"Wi-Fi6 Doesn't have a valid IP configuration."

When I looked at the IP settings it just said it was set to "Automatic".

She called ATT while I was there and they said, Not our problem, there something wrong with your computer.

So how do I fix this, as I said I've never seen this problem before?

When I navigated to the screen where you should see the IP address everything was blank.

Does anyone know how to address this?

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Not on a computer but run the network script I have on the site, sneaker net it and upload


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Sorry, I don't understand, but I did find out that there is Nimmo Beer.
But I don't know where you want me to upload something from or what it is?


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First, try to restart the computer.
Second, check every other device, connected to the same subnetwork, and see if the DHCP is set to Automatic. This happens sometimes when two devices get the same IP address. How this happens is simple: let's say you have one device set to manual DHCP, that is, with a fixed IP address. The device is shutdown, when you start an other device set to Automatic DHCP, that gets the same IP address as the one with the manual DHCP. Now, you start the device with manual DHCP which wants to get the same IP as the previously started device. You will get "invalid IP configuration"

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For what it's worth I wasn't able to get it to work and she has taken the computer to a shop to be fixed.
Once it's working I'm going to go and install backup software and make a system image of her C:\ drive.

Also going to check and see what she is using for malware protection.