Problems with internet/proxy server/Windows 8 apps

Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me.

I have recently started having issues with 2 things, my internet connection and using my Windows 8 apps.

Just to cover everything, nothing has changed with regards my broadband provider or my internet security etc.

So, about a week ago my windows 8 apps stopped loading properly (Netflix, news, sport, Kindle, Amazon store etc). Literally the only one that works currently is my Windows Live email app.

Whenever any of the others are started, it loads but claims not to be connected to the internet, despite the fact that I am and have a full connection.

Secondly, when using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, opening a screen results in being told '
Unable to connect to the proxy server'

A friend of mine said to go into the Proxy settings > LAN Settings > and disable the use of the Proxy server. This works, but only for about 10 minutes, at which point the same message comes up, and going back into the settings show that the box has managed to tick itself again.

I have uploaded a screenshot of what I am doing (incidentally, the box circled in blue makes no difference whether it is checked or not, I have tried both ways)

I can't help but think that this is also connected to the Windows 8 apps issue in some way as both these issues started to occur at the same time (Although, please also note that unchecking this box doesn't actually solve the Windows 8 apps issue, not even for a short period.)

Finally, a few days after these issues started, I updated to Windows 8.1, hoping that would solve something in some way, but it hasn't absolutely nothing has changed, for better or worse.

I would really appreciate any help from anyone who has experienced similar issues, or just knows what they are doing. If you could also bare in mind that, although I'm OK with computers and the internet, I am certainly no expert, by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks in advance, Craig.



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Check the settings in IE/LAN/Proxy and make sure that "automatically detect" is unchecked. If and when there is a connection problem IE will try every mechanism to make a connection, including setting proxy.


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One other thing you can do, is to clear the Store cache by opening a Run window (Windows Logo key+R), typing wsreset and pressing Enter.

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Many thanks for the advice guys.

I tried both of the suggestions above, but to no avail.

patcooke - the 'automatically detect' box is unchecked on both IE and Chrome, but there is no difference
BurrWalnut - Same thing, no difference at all

This is getting highly frustrating, I can't go 10 minutes without it saying 'unable to connect to proxy server' and my windows apps still aren't working!


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I am generally loath to suggest alternative software apps as we each have our own preferences but as a further help to identify if it is application related or a system setting I'd try Firefox browser and see what happens there.

In Windows 7 and XP Internet Explorer has some sort of system-wide %HOST attribute assigned to it respective to proxy settings so many things inherit the proxy settings assigned in IE. Firefox does not, so assuming that hasn't changed in the jump to Win8*, I suspect using it will work around your browser issue but not the store.

Can you try unchecking everything in the proxy area except "Automatically detect settings" at the top (leave that checked) and see if that does anything different for you? And also see if you can browse in Firefox when IE goes down?

I'm the change and configuration manager for a large company/enterprise IT environment and years of experience have taught me one thing- 100% of the time SOMETHING changed, not always in your control, but you have to shelve your assumptions (all of them) and systematically retrace your steps, be creative with testing, and isolate as many variables as you can think of.

If stuck before calling it a wash I'd suggest you hyper focus an hour or two of your time on google searching Windows 8 | proxy settings | network issue etc.

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