Here we go again: 7057 x64 is out there


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"I really didn't think we were supposed to be posting pictures of torrent sites/links (which is the same as telling someone where to get the leaked build, as it clearly shows the site's name and url).. I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here.. I must have misread the rules."

Quite correct radenight. I have been bemused on other sites, as well as this one, where links to downloads cannot be published, but obviously illegal downloads are openly discussed, with pictures. As you say, it comes to the same end!

I remember once, maybe a little as a year ago, Neowin used to advertise something to the effect that the site was approved, or recognised, by Microsoft. (I think it was Neowin) I notice that, of late, that statement does not appear on their pages. Maybe for the same reasons as above?

When I joined this site, at its inaugration, there was the similar prospect very much to the front. I don't know, if any, perks we would have got from such recognition, but it certainly would have looked good.
I feel we have drifted far from that status now.


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My experience with an upgrade rather than fresh install parallels jimbo's. I did an upgrade from 7022 to 7057 and it left all my saved data intact. I did have to reload most of my applications. Per jimbo's notation, it did take considerably longer to upgrade than a clean install of 7000 and another clean install from 7000 to 7022 took. (I am sticking with the 32 bit builds due to some of my older software. I am still using a graphics program that will only handle an 8 character file name.) All GUI settings went to default and had to be reset with the upgrade.

Just a note that probably should be in another thread; AUTOCad 2005 installed and is functioning normally in spite of a message during install that it was being installed on an incompatable operating system. The message gave me the option of stopping or continuing the install.

Should be expecting the RC windows 7 in approx 3 weeks for download according to my very reliable resources.

I think I'm going to wait for the real RC1. I should get a valid key from work (MSDN) so I'll use that. I'm sticking with build 7000 on my work laptop for now, but I might throw 7057 on my desktop since it's dual booted and I have nothing to lose.

So much for waiting, I've now got 7057 on my work laptop and my desktop at home. Had to reinstall on the desktop, something got messed up and all sorts of odd things were happening. This install seems to be going off without a hitch though, and my laptop has been perfect. 7057 is definitely faster than 7000.

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