Hi Anyone Have any Suggestions for this??

Hi Anyone have a suggestion for this error?? I get this every once in awhile.
Doesn't seem to affect my W10 operation, but would like to know what it's all about!


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A 0xc0000005 exception is an access denied error. AV or Windows corruption are two common causes of this exception.

dwm is the Desktop Window Manager. I believe the core messaging dll is for handling messages to windowed applications (an example of a message would be if you click a button that is considered a click message) You may want to try and repair your windows install.

  • Open an elevated command prompt and type chkdsk /f /r when prompted to run it at next reboot press Y
  • Then run from the same prompt DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Reboot and let the check disk run which could take a while.
See if those commands repair anything.

Hi Thanks Noeemobeer! I have ran the chkdsk. No integrity errors where found, so did not run DISM.
I run Windows Defender with MBAM pro. I really can't see any ill effects and I only get this error once in awhile. I haven't been able to pin down what I'm doing when I get the error. I'm running W10. This error shows up in my Reliability Monitor and event viewer!
Thanks for your help! I appreciate you! Was hoping someone here were getting this error and found a solution!


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You can install this. Download Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.2 from Official Microsoft Download Center set it up for a crashing process and capture all instances of dwm.exe for exception 0xc0000005 and have it capture mini dumps. Zip and upload those mini dumps and I can take a look at them.

Hi Neemobeer. I'm not having any BSOD. I have ran sfc /scannow and no integrity errors where found.
I really feel like my PC is maintained well. Jut this one little annoying error happens maybe twice a month.
Thanks for your reply. I'll keep looking for a solution and post back here. If you have more suggestions, please post them.
I'm leaning to having several Tabs open. Do you think that might cause this.


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The tool I listed above with generate a memory dmp file similar to a BSOD memory dump and can help pinpoint the problem.

It dumps the process memory. It doesn't crash your computer.

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