how can i remove program permanently from windows?


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for example if i install winrar
and uninstall it
if some expert will look good he can see there was winrar installed on the OS
how can i erase software in way no1 will know that this kind of software was installed on the OS
without formatting the entire OS


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This is not easy. There will be always some traces left - depending on the program. Your best option is to use the advanced option of the Revo Uninstaller. That removes most registry entries and files connected to the program.

Note that the freeware version will do all x86 programs but for the x64 programs you need to Pro version.


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Snip... That removes most registry entries and files connected to the program.
Does this remove events from the event viewer whs?


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That I don't know. My guess would be that it does not remove anything from the Event Viewer, but that would have to be tested.


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many thanks
and one more thing
i need that external dvd that was connected could not be found
there was some program that remove all usb traces.
so if expert looks and check if usb drives were connected to pc he can find some and than suspect
how can i remove all windows usb drives traces from the OS?
thanks always


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For a start you can use Revo Uninstaller, to get rid of unwanted software. it not only runs the programs uninstaller it will then search your computer for left over registry entries, file and folders.

I use the free version.

The only way to be sure that stuff is really gone is to make regular system image files and when you need to clean up your drive you can replace the current image with the previous one.

Otherwise you are stuck with doing a full reset of your computer back to the way it was when you got it.



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Yea like the above said. Revo could erase some traces and whatnot, you also need to tinker with registry and log system files. Which it's also complex. But Revo may do most of it.


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thanks for that info
i did it with revo uninstaller advanced clean but before he start the uninstallation he make full registry backup
so if someone will restore this reg backup using revo he could see those programs were erased not?


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If you really want to have your computer completely clean then the only way to do it is to format the hard drive and start all over from scratch, or better yet just replace the hard drive with a new one, and reinstall Windows.

Almost everything you do leaves some trace behind someplace, especially if you have an existing backup made before removing the material.

A recovery program will even see all the recently deleted files.

This is why everyone should make system image files at regular intervals.

If you get a virus or install software that messes up your computer you can overwrite the whole drive with the image file and it will be back just the way it was before.


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