How create a repair rescue disk Windows 8 to restore Registry ONLY?


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How create a repair rescue disk Windows 8 to restore Registry ONLY?

''Have a new HP Envy 15t-J100. Has a Recovery Partition. I created a Boot USB stick. Fine

I recall with other Windows versions & and such you could create a repair/rescue CD that basically allowed you to restore your settings to an earlier Registry Restore Point.

Will the Recovery Manager (on USB) do this as well?

I see no option even though I read some tutorials on that there is an option to only create a Repair CD. I do not have this option show up in the dialog.

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Much easier to just run regedit, select "file" menu, select "export", choose a filename and folder to save to. This will save a complete copy of your registry which you can run a full recovery from by just double clicking on it.


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Not for "restore Registry ONLY". For the balance of this reply, please forget about the word "registry".

In Windows 8 and 8.1 there is an option to create a System Image Backup.
What it does is to create an image of your entire system at the time the backup is done. You could call that the " restore point ".
After the system image backup is completed, you will be given an option to create a Repair disk.
Repair disk, as its named implied, is to do repair based on the data gathered at the time the repair disk is created.

Go to File History and you will see System Image Backup option.


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There is a danger here of confusing the terms "system image backup", "restore point" and "repair disk". They are of course entirely different animals and serve different purposes. I understood the OP was seeking to simply create a mechanism for restoring the registry and the method I suggested would serve this purpose. The points raised in reply have some validity but would benefit from much more clarification about their several purposes.


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There actually is a utility to create a system image in Windows 8.
They just hid it and gave it a strange name.

Look in Control Panel for an Icon named Windows 7 File Recovery, it's actually the Windows 7 app to create an image file.
It will make an image of you OS drive and it will ad it as an option if you use Windows recovery.

It will also let you create a bootable Windows repair disk in case you can't get into the normal recovery window.

I'd still recommend making a system restore using Paragon Backup and Recovery or a similar program.
I use Paragon and it's save me several times.



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#6 has a great program called Registry Backup.
I have used this for several months, and like it very much. It saved me once. They also have a program called Registry Repair. I just found that one, and downloaded it. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will try it this evening, or tomorrow. I do know the Registry Backup is really good.

Well as an update on 1-24-14 the Registry Repair by Tweaking did not fix it either. I just wanted to update on that program. It is very new, and they are still working on it. It does have a lot of good features to it. In a few months, I bet it will be awesome.

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