How do I contact an Administrator?

When I signed up I for an account I put my name in the Name field, not realizing that the Name field was really asking for my Username. I would rather not have my real name hanging out there. Can I get that changed?


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Contact some of the staff, viz. Mike. You should find it down right here in "Contact Us". Unless you're making a joke? Not pointing you, but this is the "Fun part" of the Forum. - Unless I got it all wrong...

My experience is, this Forum works quite well. Safe too.

For as long as I have worked with computers and the internet (some 40 years now, remember Mike Wozniak?) I can be pretty dense. I didn't even see the 'Contact Us' link and I didn't think to look for it. No I was not being funny, just dense. Please forgive me and thank you for the post.


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If you are logged in, you should see "Contact us" down right. Or you can contact Mike, our 48/7 machine, directly via top page > members, where you can send a personal message.

And truly, Sir, I did not mess or kid with You. For Your knowledge, I am not a member in the Staff, in any way.

I wish You the very best, sincerely,

Pauli, Lt. Col. Finnish Reserve

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