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Windows 7 How do i quickly switch audio between speakers and headphone?


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Aug 5, 2012
How do i quickly switch audio between speakers and headphone? please i really need help!...

I must know because i have loud speakers and when i want to listen to music i want to listen via speakers, but i need to speak on team speak via headphone + mic too, so the problem is, on my speaker there's a headphone jack, but if i put in that jack i cant connect my mic... so everytime i must change from the back of the pc, and its boring, there must be a way...

i see a few problems like thison internet but i cant figure it, on their tutorials on the tray icon > playback devices there shows speakers and headphone, but on my "playback devices" only shows speakers and digital audio, i dont understand,, btw i have green and red jacks in front of my pc, but i dont know why only the microphone jack works in the front of the pc, i dont understand so if someone can help and show me i will be thanksful really. i guess you understand my problem, btw thanks in advance.
what colour inputs do u have on the back of ure pc? u shud to be fair have a pink one and a green one ( pink is for mic, green is for audio ) . have u installed ure sound drivers?
yeah i have green,pink/red and blue and yes i have INSTALLED DRIVER / Realtek HD Audio Driver.
there is a way to do this through Realtek icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, E.g you can plug ure mic into the pink one , headphones into the green one ( thats ure headset complete for teamspeak for e.g) and then plug ure speakers in to the blue one,, click the realtek menu

click the pink circle > tick the mic box
click the green circle > tick headphones
click the blue circle > click speakers

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i did it but still right now the headphones are working how to i fast switch?
btw for the blue when i click only i can choose Line in or Rear Speaker Out, i try with two of them but nothing..
try the red one maybe?.. i personlly am not sure if u can quick switch the 2 inputs, there maybe a tweak you can do but im unware of this.
Hello, they have 3.5mm splitters. Buy a splitter and place in the back of the computer and have the wires run directly to it your inputs. So from the headphone it will go in audio splitter and the mics cable will go into the mic jack (pink). That should help.You can go to local electronic/computer store nearby.
u can buy them from places like maplins or amazon