How do I stop Win10 thinking my program's hanging when it's not?


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Dear Anyone.

I've got a music writing program that has to scan new plug-ins when you install them. I've bought a couple of new instruments, Kontakt and the software Korg M1, which are more complex than the other plug-ins I've been using so take longer to initially scan. It only has to do the scan ONCE, then forever afterwards it accepts the plug-in instantly.

Thing IS - while it's scanning, Windows thinks the program's hanging and comes up with 'This program has failed to start properly' and closes the program. How do I tell windows 'No, it's fine, it's working like a dream, it's just sorting out new plug-ins?' Can't use it at the moment because Windows won't give it a chance to start. OK I can take out the Korg and Kontakt and THEN it'll start fine, but I won't be able to use my new instruments!

Can't even tell if it's a compatibility problem with the new instruments because Windows isn't giving the DAW long enough to check them out! Any way to greatly increase the amount of time it gives the program?

Yours puzzledly