Windows 8 How do I transfer dropbox files to a pics folder in Win 8?


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Jul 23, 2013
I don't understand this at all. Why did they take away this VERY important function? You can no longer drag and drop pictures to and from dropbox to a folder on your computer! This is so aggravating that I feel like throwing my computer in the trash. I cannot use skydrive. It won't link to it and it won't let me transfer files to another location on my computer. There is a "pictures" folder but it refuses to let me transfer files from skydrive or dropbox! This is extremely aggravating when trying to backup four years of vacation pictures. It also disables the drag and drop function from ANYTHING else: CDs, USB drives, hard drives. I'm so angry now that I might consider buying a used computer just to transfer the files. Windows 8 is the worst thing I've used in over 10 years! Sorry about my typing but I'm REALLY frustrated and have been trying for two weeks to find out how to do something so simple.
An update: by pure dumb luck, some files were able to be copied over but now, the desktop is refusing to sync with dropbox and although the name of the file "my videos" showed up, the files didn't sync over. I tapped the sync button several times but it refuses to sync from my phone to the desktop! Ugh.
Hi Largo,

sorry to hear your having issues and although I'm not a drop-box user myself I'll try and help. First can you post a few details about your install.

Are you using a install which has been upgraded from a previous os?

Have you tried 'Refreshing' the install (basically setting it back to factory defaults)?

Do you have the UAC turned on?

I'm not sure what's going on.

I use Dropbox to transfer images and videos from my computer to my iPad and back and I can just copy and paste anything in Dropbox to were ever I want it on my Windows 8 computer.

You could try uninstalling Dropbox and reinstalling it, maybe it will straighten it out.

Are you using App from the windows store, the web page, or the program you can download from drop box web site? It makes a huge difference. The only one that works even remotely different would be the App from the MS store which was not available in Windows 7. The webpage and the drop box software work the same as they did in 7.

You might want to go here

download and install the software. It will then give you a folder in Windows Explorer that you can just easily copy and past to.

If you need more info let me know.
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